Beautifully designed greeting cards and gift wrap with a green conscience

Karin Helena Turner Designs have a passion for pattern and all things decorative, the company aims to create inventive and beautiful pattern designs and products for the gift packaging market. Karin is a textile designer with a specialization in surface decoration and creates cards and gift wrap that are works of art in their own right. Established by Karin in 2007, the idea behind the business is to inspire people to view these products, usually considered to be disposable, as something to treasure and keep.

All cards and paper are printed in the UK with non-toxic vegetable based inks, on 100% recycled paper made from 85% consumer-waste and 15% wood free unprinted waste. The envelopes are 75% recycled, made from post-consumer beverage cartons and are from an FSC Accredited paper mill in Scandinavia. The see-through packaging that the cards are presented in is biodegradable and made from corn starch.

We believe in doing as much as we can for the environment not only by making sure our products are environmentally sound. We are also committed to being an ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable business.